Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Betsy Ross I ain't

OMG…I have committed to a sewing project. (Yes, Virginia, there IS a sucker born every minute. – Ed.) I am making 17 mob caps for my daughter’s classroom. What is a mob cap, you ask? It’s that silly thing that looks like a white shower cap that colonial girls and women wore. My daughter helpfully volunteered me to do this. Suddenly going on a field trip seems a lot more palatable, even if it’s a field trip to Hades. Or the Children’s Museum. (Same diff. – Ed.)

To balance things out, I’m considering making my son this project – a felt Bantha. Dang O’Dell – that’s good lookin’.

In other toy news, I’m sure you’ve heard that Barbie has beaten the Bratz dolls in a street fight. Despite the fact that the Bratz have disproportionately large heads, I feel no kinship. Watch out, Groovy Girls – you bitches are next.

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Anonymous said...

We demand more bacon posts!

- The Public