Saturday, December 6, 2008

We Dap-Kings of Orient Are...

I. So, it’s definitely been crazy, Lone Reader. How was Sharon Jones, you might ask? Well, it was fantabulous, as one might expect. I think the First Ave. show last year was better, if only because it was absolutely packed with crazy sweaty dancers. (and the concert was longer.) This was definitely a different crowd – the tickets were about twice as much as the First Ave show, and it was in the Pantages Theater, so a fairly gray crowd. I was concerned that there wouldn’t be dancing, but of course, you can’t stop me and my peeps. Those Dap-Kings really bring it, man.

II. Since then, I’ve had a grant in the finishing line and a bunch of xmas tasks to get to. Sigh. I really, really, love Christmas, but mailing so many gifts is wee bit stressful. Today I am lugging the 75 Rubbermaid tubs out of the attic to begin the Christmasification of the house. Yowza, dude – I need to get rid of some of this stuff.

I was desperate to send a can of bacon to my nephews for Christmas, but apparently you have to buy it by the case. It’s funny, but not a $120 of funny. (What is?)

It’s kind of a weird holiday this year, dontcha think? There’s been so much bad news and just about everyone I know is tightening the ol’ belt or fearful of layoffs. My job is secure as long as I can bring in the money for the non-profit gallery where I work. Call me psychic, but I don’t think the end-of-year ask letter is going to draw much cash this year. We’ll see.

I’m considering purchasing the Colbert xmas special, just ‘cause they had it for $15 at Target and I fell asleep during the airing of the show. Is it worth it? Stephen Colbert thinks so.

This morning I took the kids to the bank to see Santa. Every year he makes an appearance and they take pics and give you a free ornament with the picture inside. I have 10 years of these, and although they’re a little cheesy, it’s also very sweet. This year they also had a sleigh ride with two reindeer pulling. (Poor bastards.) The kids were in heaven.

I’m heading out with the fam for Thai food tonight – I’m grateful to not have to cook after cranking out several dozen cookies in the past two days. Yum.

Wishing you and yours a happy Saint Nicholas Day! xoxo, Velma

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