Sunday, August 24, 2008

How could I forget - BACON!

A dear friend pointed out that I forgot to give my bacon reviews from the fair! The Famous Dave's Pig Lickers are pretty good. You have to get past the name (eww) and the temperature - they're served cold. The combo of the chocolate and the bacon was good and the sea salt pushed it over the top into the realm of fair food. My friend Robin who went with me doesn't even like bacon (wha?!) and she ate two pieces. We went near closing and got a cone very full of bacon chocolate goodness. While I didn't enjoy it enough to get it again, it was good for fair food. (and I heard it was on Good Morning America this week in a story about fair food...that and Jesse Ventura - does our pride show?)

I couldn't find the bacon on a stick. I'll look again when I'm there w/ the young 'uns. I did get a bacon and swiss crepe from the stand under the slide. Blecch. I like their crepe batter - not too sweet, and not too gluten-y/chewy but the filling was bad. Even I, Lone Reader, don't want to eat 2 cups of crumbled bacon dry inside a crepe. I pitched a lot of it.

The rest of the fair food I had was pretty standard - a malt from the butterhead building and too much diet coke and lemonade. I ate two of my friend's cheese curds and promptly remembered why I hate them. This week I'll get my standard stuff - a bowl of watermelon, a frozen cider pop, etc. No Pronto Pups for this gal. I might try the frozen latte (or is it a mocha?) on a stick next to the DFL booth -- a few years ago it was very highly regarded in the paper and thus was sold out by the time I got to the fair. Plus it's made by Grand Old Creamery, my local fix.

There - oversight corrected. Thanks, SMarty for the reminder! In other food news, St. Paulite Andrew Zimmern recently blogged about the possibility of a second Brasa opening in the Twin Cities, maybe in the old Italian Pie Shoppe space on Grand Ave. That's walking distance, chum, and that means I'll have to start eating more meat. Oh well, it's the price I must pay. (And I'm sure as hell not going to Salut on Grand. Rude, rude, rude manager (and I'm a witness to that fact) and I've heard nothing but bad things about the food.)

Apropos nothing, remember Lone Reader - sunblock is our friend. (and no, I'm not changing my name to Rudolph.) Ciao!

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