Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Dear Mr. Costello,

I know that this whole Diana Krall thing is just a way of you biding time 'til you meet me again. You've gotta give it up man. You're a dozen years older then I're busy with that whole 'music' thing and I'm busy with that whole 'real life' thing. It's not going to work out. And what did you do with all the money I sent you to fix your teeth?!

I'm going to send back all the love notes and trinkets you've send me over the years. (I've gotta keep the jewelry though, it's a girl's prerogative.) And I'm keeping the blog name, too. And all the CDs. And I've still never washed the hand you kissed, even though it was 1985. My doctor says I might lose it soon to the gangrene, but even then I'd pack it in dry ice as a symbol of our love. (Call for a psych eval. - ed.)

Happy birthday, darling! Love always,


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