Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nothing about Michael Phelps or the Jonas Bros

Good news:
- I got my pre-sale tickets to see Weezer at the Xcel in October!
- My girlfriend is coming to visit for a week! Woo-hoo! I predict a brewery tour, lots of laughing, crazy dancing at the Sharon Jones concert on the 21st and good food. I love her.
- I had a return to make to Amazon and found three more books I really wanted.

Bad news:
It's been an expensive day, Lone Reader. For some dude to come haul away brush cost me $180. Weezer tickets weren't cheap. I maybe ordered four books on Amazon. I met with a lawyer who charged me $100 to tell me he can't help me. Back to school shopping today...sigh. Work is crazy right now. And where is my damn child support?

No news:
I started art-making again. Okay maybe this is a little bit good news. Should I paint a tableau of my arch-nemeses, Sea Monkeys & spiders, visiting a haunted house? Maybe throw a clown in there for good measure? Or should it be a beautiful encaustic work with the pigment encased in bacon fat? So many choices...

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