Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clone Wars Review

I. Clone Wars wasn't horrible. It really wasn't. I was disappointed by the lack of the original Star Wars music. It reminded me of the many Law & Order spin offs - you know, you hear the music and it's just altered enough to let you know that what you are watching is actually substandard. The new girl character, Ahsoka, is pretty annoying and, in the tradition of Ewoks, seems to be a boy-franchise's way of reaching out to girls. I didn't dislike the animation, although many do, probably because it reminded me the Thunderbirds and I've seen and tolerated some really bad animation in my child-rearing days. I think it's hysterical that in a movie that features one battle after another, for the first time we hear someone call for a medic for the wounded soldiers. ("See Johnny - they care about each other.")

It did feel like a long Saturday morning cartoon. I can see that if I was a die-hard Star Wars fan it would bug. Since I'm not, and since the Star Wars fan in my life is 7, it felt just right. At least it didn't confuse me.

II. I discovered that my girlfriend who's staying here this week doesn't like bacon. I've decided to continue being her friend, but I'm watching her closely to see if she's actually part of an alien race.

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