Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The saga of the BLT-ini!

This is it people!

It started with a bacon vodka post on BrowniePoints by the effervescent McAuliflower. Yes, I followed her directions to the letter and made a concoction that looked like a formaldehyde experiment gone bad. Then, while checking my beloved blog addiction, Not Martha, I found Megan’s work making both bacon curls and bacon straws…seemed perfect!

I mentioned my experiment at work and the suggestion of BLT-inis came up. My boss suggested “tomahto water” as the mixer. (He’s British.) So I made a disgusting looking concoction that has been in my fridge for two days, looking for all the world like either a jar of brine or my latest collection for the urologist. (See's neither Fluff nor an excretion, I promise.)

Tonight is the night. Can you feel the magic? Two nasty liquids will combine with an endive spear, a pinch of celery seed and a bacon curl to make the ultimate bacon-y goodness. (Should I add a frozen grape tomato or is that gilding the lily?) I’ll be reviewing and reporting the recipe specs soon…yum! (or yum?)

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