Friday, March 7, 2008

Drop It Like It's Hot - it's a school dance

1. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What’s it like at a 4th – 6th grade dance?” “Is it all I dream it to be?” or even “Is it magical?” Well, I went to my daughter’s school last night and I have the answers: loud, no and no. But wait a minute – maybe you’d enjoy hearing Jonas Brothers music blasted at ear-shattering decibels in a gym, while the DJ screams things like “4th grade - make some NOISE!!” Parents were sitting at the back, and the poor younger sibs were relegated to the “other” gym to either play board games or play with the assorted balls available. And BTW, when you’ve got a tired, sulky 1st grader sitting at one of the tables, it doesn’t help to have a Nerf football drilled right past your head. I look up and it’s a dad who’s decided it would be funny to play catch with his son over the heads of the wusses at the game tables. Nice. I was immediately transported back to fifth grade, thus I was going to tremble, cry and get the teacher, but then I realized I was actually grown up. I stuck him with my shiv while yelling, “That’s from all the kids with glasses, you bastard!”

2. I’m having a super groovin’ dance party in April. I’m not going to serve BLT-inis (too much work for that many people) but I am going to get out my disco ball. When Sister Fun closed in downtown Mpls, I bought their disco ball. I then had to carry it 8 blocks to my car. Three facts: a) it was wicked heavy, b) with my shorty T-Rex arms, I thought I was going to drop it any second, c) many people saw it as a conversation starter and tried to chat me up. The moral of that anecdote is that if you’re looking to be macked on, carry around a giant disco ball.

Happy weekend, home skillet!

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