Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jellybeans, Twizzlers and Peeps, oh my!

Somebody come over here and take all this damn candy outta here. It's worse than Halloween around this house.

When we first moved into this house, my kids were 2 and 5. We were so excited to live in a great neighborhood with lots of kids and an active block of neighbors. That first Easter we were invited across the street for a party with all the neighborhood kids. It even featured a visit from the real Easter Bunny! A day or two before the party, both kids had suspicious looking bumps on their faces. Then they each ran a fever; what could it be? That's right -- chicken pox. They had both been immunized, but I guess my daughter got a bad batch because she had pox everywhere. My son only had about three. So the day of the party, my two young 'uns were in the living room and started yelling, "There he is! There he is!"

The teen dressed in a mangy rented bunny suit was making his appearance across the street. My kids started beating on the windows with their faces smashed against the glass, yelling "Easter bunny! Easter bunny!" It was like we were in a TB ward in the 40s.

I close with a quote from one of my favorite bands in high school: "When I go out I have to wear a bunny mask to hide my fear." (It seemed like such a good song at the time...)

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