Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bruce Report

Well, it was phenomenal. Man, that is truly a case of having to see the man and the band LIVE to really get it. For my long-time readers (and you know who you are) yes, it was better than Sharon Jones at First Ave. Highlights:
- The opener was Night, and I got to hear Backstreets which was great and Jungleland which was both great and interminable. I thought they sounded super tight and even better than the November show. Tremendous energy and a tweaked setlist from last time, which was fab.

- Right on the GA rail with a perfect view. Yeah, I took a few pics, only to discover in the morning that they were mainly short videos. Okay, so I’m not 100% up to speed with my new cell phone.

- Timed my Red Bull high better this time…

- Free beers from the group next to us

Coulda lived without:
- Didn’t get into the pit, but got right up to the rail, which was phenomenal, so no complaints from me.

- Oh yeah, complaints from me: pit people get to come and go freely, and have a special bathroom, while GA has to fight the length of the floor there and back. Bring your astronaut underpants, man. Also hearing the words, “She’s practically a dwarf” while pointing at me. Nuh-uh, dude! I’m 5’ 3”!

- I think the love from the audience was a little less than last time, maybe because the November show was sold out, and it was the first in awhile. At least around me, the crowd seemed a little younger. and drunker. and more into Born to Run and Dancing in the Dark than anything else. (pikers)

- Wish we had gotten Omaha’s big encore, but hey, we got two shows so that’s okay.

A great time was had by all, man. Super, really super.

In non-Bruce news: Kansas is the #1 Seed in the Midwest! (but if you cared at all, you knew that) and my beloved Mike Doughty is this weekend! I'm hoping to go with my sister who's been wicked sick for the past week. Thankfully, I think she's on the mend now. I hope she gets better in time for some Golden Delicious at First Ave, otherwise I'll be rollin' solo. But hey, if I'm by myself big whoop! It's Mike Doughty!! So much to be happy about, people.

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