Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Just Wanna Have Some Kicks

Okay, here’s the problem with me and the internet…I’m thinking about concerts I’ve seen, trying to think of Top 5 kinda thing, and I think, "When was that Dead Kenedys concert?" So I Google and what d’ya know? Now I’m off on a bizarre tangent, reading about Mortal Micronotz (whom I loved) and Get Smart! (whom I really, really loved) and reminded of all the sneaking into Off the Wall Hall in Lawrence, Kansas, and then realizing at some point that you didn’t have to sneak in, because nobody cared that you were 15.

Thank you Al Gore, for inventing the source of endless distraction, enjoyment and information. Without you, beloved internet, I’d still be calling my friend Andi in the middle of the night saying, “Remember that one video, with sailor guys at some kind of dance hall? and it was a fast song, and maybe a bit rockabilly? Remember? WHAT WAS THAT SONG?” (“Stand By” Roman Holliday)

Sigh…good times, man.

While on your Google romp you might find that someone else is all nostalgic and old and has a blog and the next thing you know you’re reading about some dude’s trip to Costco yesterday like you care. Because you kinda do. Because he was there when that crazy music-lovin’ kid was born, that same punk that lives inside your 40-year-old shell and periodically peeks out. He’s witness, man, to the fact that we were there and it was good.

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