Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vengeful Elimination

I had a dear friend and her two young 'uns over for dinner tonight. We had such fun. Her children are younger than mine, so I got to experience the pre-K enthusiasm and the sweetness of a wee bambino. My two were, of course, over the moon to be the big kids in the room. Oh the hamminess I've seen.

When moms gather, talk turns to toilet habits. I don't know why. I do know why. At any rate, we discussed the way in which certain children (who shall remain nameless) seemed to do quite well in, shall we say, toilet habits, until they were at home. Then all hell or bladders broke loose. "I knew it wasn't personal," I said, "but it sure felt that way...it was like vengeful elimination." "Wow," said she. "That's got to be the name of your next blog."

Nah. That'll be the name of the band I front when I'm in my 70s. We'll blow the roof off the nursing home, man.

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