Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bacon Reviews

I’m pretty much a supermarket bacon person – no schmancy charcuterie meats for this gal. I’ve tried most of the readily available bacon and what follows are completely biased opinions of low-rent bacon.
Trader Joe’s bacon stinks. It’s cut so thin that when you pull it from the package it tears into shreddy bits. Cooks too fast, and doesn’t taste like much.
Oscar Meyer comes in a variety of styles and claims to America’s favorite bacon. Probably true, based upon the real estate they hold in the meat case in your local Piggly Wiggly. Ehh…just bacon. (meaning good, because it IS bacon.) Also has a fake-y smoked taste.
John Morrell – surprisingly good, given it’s often among the cheapest bacon in the case. It’s cut somewhere between regular and thick, making for a satisfying crunch/chew combo.
Neuske’s Applewood smoked – the real deal, Bill McNeill. Absolute heaven. Don’t waste it on a recipe, man.
Corn King – blecch. This is Tyson's budget entry in the bacon market - disgusting and cardboard-like.
Hormel Black Label – this is identical to the Oscar Meyer in my book…nothing to write home about, but still bacon.
Farmland – this is the surprise in your local grocer’s meat case. Farmland is pretty darn good, for a low-cost bacon. Christopher Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated declared Farmland Bacon supreme among supermarket brands.
And for the record, ALL microwave bacon is gross. Seriously nasty.

Happy nitrates, baby!

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