Monday, April 28, 2008

Trolling for art

I delayed my report from the Art Crawl because, well, I wasn’t sure how to describe it. I always enjoy going, but there are also those awkward moments when you walk into someone’s studio, you can tell immediately that it’s something you don’t like and then you’re trapped…the artist is right there. “Umm, hi.”

It was snowy and cold here on Saturday. We went in the early afternoon and started in the Northern Warehouse. We also ended in the Northern. After visiting all six floors, my youngest was in no frame of mind to appreciate the aesthetic endeavor. Highlights were: Michael Bahl, who practices “paleo-osteological restoration”; Betsy Dollar, papermaking; and Kristin Schue, photography. We bought an oil painting by Tom Harsevoort. It’s small, maybe 8 x 13”, oil on wood panel and non-figurative. It’s quite lovely and just the tiniest bit ominous -- a fabulous combo if you ask me.

My elder child was enthralled and had to be reigned in – “Why can’t we talk to ALL the artists? Why can’t I take a BUNCH of cards? Why can’t we buy THAT one?” The younger one was sullen and dragging his feet, wouldn’t speak to anyone and kept asking, “Is THIS the last one?” Sigh. The experience really isn’t meant for two kids under 10.

I have to figure out where the new painting will go. Right now it’s very close to Bucky, my corrugated deer trophy. Yes, Lone Reader, I finally got 'im. All I had to do was cackle, “How ‘bout a little fire, cardboard deer?” and he acquiesced. The box cutter went through him like butter. Next stop: a safari in search of the elusive craft paper Rhino.

Happy hunting!

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