Friday, April 11, 2008

New words to use and love

Dejected sigh…
Lone Reader, I hope I never make invitations again for as long as I live. My God…working for an art gallery is at least 80% great but the remainder is extra cruddy. So if you get an invitation from me, post it proudly, RSVP promptly and love it, baby.

On this rainy, gloomy day my thoughts have turned to linguistics. Why? Who cares. I present for your review a listing of new terms. Use them and let’s make it in to Oxford, man.

caffeinol / ‘ka-fə -nol /noun High powered caffeine goodness. ex: Tab is loaded with caffeinol AND the threat of saccharine-related cancer.

crapometer /krap ‘ä-mə-tər/ noun The internal device which tells one that he or she is producing substandard work. ex. Todd Rundgren is capable of producing great music, but chooses not to. His crapometer is broken.

dip-thong /dip- thȯŋ / noun A woman who wears low rise and talks all stoopid. You’ve seen it, you don’t need an example.

glammypuss /’gla-mē-pus/ adj. Silly over the top girlishness. ex: When Buck put on the silver platforms, he felt all glammypuss.

poo-taco /ˈpü-‘tä-kō/ noun Something very nasty, and not in a good way. ex: Man, it was a poo-taco platter at work today.

sphincterrific /ˈsfiŋ(k)-tər-i-fik/ adj. Something so bad, it’s good. ex: The movie Xanadu is sphincterrific.

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