Friday, August 29, 2008

It's the Fair Report, Part Deux!

Well, I got to the fair at about 8:45 this morn. It was lovely outside - perfect temp and not a cloud in the sky. We started with a tour of the 'Miracle of Birth Center'. I've yet to ever see an animal born there, but I have seen throngs of gawkers waiting. As a woman who has calved two big-headed lovelies, I must say, I really feel for those mama animals. I couldn't begin to describe the horrors you would've seen and heard if I had been on display during labor. With both of my kids, the labor was, well, hard. (duh) and seriously endless. And complicated. The pushing part, though, was fabulous. The beauty of giving birth to a baby with a great gourd is that once the head breaks trail, it's smooth sailing the rest of the way. (to mix metaphors) I'm proud to say that I have the only deliveries on record at Abbott Northwestern where the doctor needed a catcher's mitt.

Sorry, I digress...back to the fair. We drank a whole lot of milk, the kids split a funnel cake (blecch) and we lost about $14 on games on the midway. My son and I rode the Tilt-a-Whirl twice and LOVED it. We made crop art and laughed at some crazy roosters. At SMarty's advice, we went to the old time-y part of the fair including the MN State Fair Museum. It was pretty good! (They just don't shoot people outta cannons anymore, do they?) The absolutely creepiest part of the fair was in the agriculture building, where for some reason there's a toddler doll with a press-on beard rotating on a turntable with an ox. What Paul Bunyan would've looked like at 4? An incredibly hirsute lost child? Who knows.

We also had Pig Lickers, the chocolate covered bacon by Famous Dave's. I had tried it with my friend last week and liked it. This time, not so much. The bacon was rubbery and there was no grey sea salt on top. It really was a crazy kinda chewy/slimy texture. Not so good. Big Fat Bacon, however, was SO worth the wait. It was a gigantic, thick cut bacon strip on a stick with assorted sauces to choose from. I opted for orange chipotle. It was a little marmalade-y and could've used more acid in it, but it was good. And the bacon was to die for - yum. The day's crud food array was rounded out with a skewer of frozen grapes (not good) and a strawberry malt from the dairy building. I'm barely breathing from all the sugar and nitrates. Tomorrow - veggies and kefir and flax seed, oh my.

Ciao, Lone Reader! Happy weekend!

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