Friday, August 15, 2008

The Midnight Ride up North

Listen my children and you shall hear
of the night the Republicans will invade here
On the first of September in this year (naught 8)
McCain and his posse arrive in our state

Will Timmy go big time? Will Michelle land a kiss?
(If she doesn’t buss somebody, something’s amiss.)
The penultimate question – just tell me the truth
Is there enough pancake to recapture youth?

They’ll be here, Lone Reader, in four days crammed full
But I’m here to alert you (I’m dyed in-the-wool)
We’ll set up with pickets in quite a tableau
We’ll chant like our parents “Hey-hey” and “Ho-ho”

Shall we carry a banner stained by bleeding heart?
(If we’re peckish let’s get some quinoa a la carte.)
When exhausted from battle and covered in scars
even in the wee hours, we can still go to bars.

You know maybe, Lone Reader, it won’t be so bad.
Elephant hats might start a new fad.
Who am I kidding? We all know the truth.
By the dawn of next month we’ll say, “Why not Duluth?”

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