Thursday, August 21, 2008

Woo-hoo! It's a big day!

Today my friend and I are going on a tour of Summit Brewing, then in the evening we're going to the State Fair to see Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings. I'm pretty damn excited. I saw a lot of live music last year and Sharon Jones was really tops - she's got a groove that is unmatched. I predict there will be frenzied dancing and droppin' it like it's hot.

I'm also going to seek out the new bacon-related foods at the fair. When one does a search for "bacon" on the Strib's interactive fair food map the following items come up, all of them new (according to the Strib...I'm not so sure about that Axel's one.) :
Axel's - Handmade tator tots made with hash browns, cheddar cheese, bacon, green onion and sour cream, deep-fried and served three on-a-stick
Big Fat Bacon - 1/3 slice of bacon fried and caramelized with maple syrup, served on a stick with dipping sauces.
Famous Dave's State Fair - Pig Lickers (chocolate-covered crisp-fried bacon pieces)

I'm definitely going to try to get the last two - tater tots do nothing for me. (I know, I'm not really a Minnesotan.) My friend has never been to the MN State Fair, so it should be a lovely time. I'll report back to you, Lone Reader, if I haven't had a coronary from the bacon!

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