Thursday, March 20, 2008


Dude! How excited am I?! The Breeders are coming! The Breeders are coming!

Who's the coolest music chica of all time? Patti Smith? Okay, after her. Chrissie Hynde? Okay sure, but early stuff, not late 80s. Karen O? Brett Anderson? Tina Weymouth? Beth Ditto? C'mon now! You know it's Kim Deal!

At one point I posted a comment under the name "CoolAsKimDeal" and some one thought Kim was my real name. I didn't have the heart /desire to correct him, so he called me Kimmy for two months. My friend Michelle, who has actually hung with Kim Deal and taught her how to play Tetris back in the day, has assured me that I am indeed Cool as Kim Deal. I think she was just sayin' that 'cause I paid for her beer.

Anyway, I digress...The Breeders are coming! May 30th at First Ave. I'm excited! My sis is excited! (She's cool as Kelley Deal, who might actually be cooler than Kim Deal.) It's gonna be a super grrly time, man!

See you there!

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