Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bacon Hawk

I. Yes, there is a band called 'Bacon Hawk'. This is their picture. I gotta respect the name, if not the hair. (UPDATE - this is a picture of the band Stryper. See the REAL Bacon Hawk here.)

II. Music (w/ no bacon)

I LOVE GumDrop, stereogum’s super treasure trove of a newsletter! It’s absolutely super cool and delish…try it! You’ll like it!

I like 'LCD Soundsystem', but I really like their song ‘Big Ideas’ from the ‘21’ soundtrack. Sadly, it’s currently only available as a whole album purchase on iTunes, and the rest of the tracks ain’t worth it.

Next up for live tunes…wait a minute…nothing until the Breeders at the end of May?! That can’t be right! Help me, Lone Reader! I wanted to go see Bon Iver at the Turf or F*ck Buttons at Triple Rock, but a) they’re on the same night and b) I have the kids that weekend. Maybe God wants me to stay home and watch Disney Channel? Nah. So…what’s coming up that looks good?

And am I the only person disappointed in the “Rock the Garden” line up at the Walker? Wow. I like a lot of those people, but I’m not sure the name fits…maybe “Laid Back Tunes in the Garden”? And $30 a ticket seems like robbery for groups that have all been here recently for about $15 a pop.

III. Basketball (w/ a little bacon)

I’m readying for my basketball party tomorrow night – there’ll be about 12 people over to scream for the Jayhawks as they advance to the elite 8. (and they totally will!) We’re having lots of lovely treats and much beer. No BLT-inis, though…it’s too much work to make that tomato water for a crowd. I’m making a pitcher of pomegranate/lime cocktails, which should be yummy. There will, of course, be bacon. I’m thinking not so much bacon desserts, but dates with manchego cheese wrapped in bacon and maybe the ultimate in MN white food – Tater Tots – wrapped in bacon as well. (Did you know that Minnesota has the highest rate of Tater Tot consumption per capita in the U.S.? You did? Well good for you, smartypants!)

Should I just set out a bowl of bacon? We’ll see. (I need to get back to the Triple Rock for their free bacon Wednesdays…that was fun and tasty.)

Happy happy, people!


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Anonymous said...

actually the band pictured is stryper. We will be releasing our real identities with the CD.----yours truly------ BACON HAWK.

Velma said...

Thanks for the correction, jc! Note the new note above and today's post re. The Gravitron.