Friday, February 6, 2009

Holy cabin fever, Batman!

Tonight my dear friend Toddy-Boy Harper is performing the sixth year of Keys Please - a collaboration with Paul Cantrell and Carei Thomas. They're a bunch of lunatic hep cats and I love the Harper family to the core of my being. It's $10 and students are free. See you there? 8:00pm - 10:00pm at the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center, Macalester College.

MPR article re. Keys Please is here.

Tomorrow I'm going to Shanty it up on Medicine Lake. The Art Shanty Projects are a group of artists reclaiming the normally liquid MN landscape in the name of art. Plus it's wild*ss fun. See you there!

Oh and one non-weekend thing: the inventor of Playmobil, Hans Beck, has died. I love me some Playmobil, man - it still plays a large role in the nativity scene and xmas decorations in my house. (For those of you who've seen it, sadly the pimp chicken who always played the heavenly host lost a leg this year and had to be put down.) There's a nice obit in the Guardian. For Mr. Beck, not the pimp chicken.

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