Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Best Stranded on Tarmac Moment

Well Lone Reader, one time when I was flying to Cheyenne by way of Denver, we got stuck for awhile on the runway. (Not really news there. -Ed.) It was close to the Fourth of July. It was hot. The flight attendants were scrambling to entertain us.

This was interesting to me. I've been on stalled flights a zillion times. (Exaggeration, given that the woman never leaves a 15-mile radius of her house. -Ed.) Since when does the flight crew feel the need to perform for us? And yet...they told jokes, played a trivia game, asked us questions via intercom. At one point a flight attendant said, "I know! A bottle of booze to the first person to sing the National Anthem!" (Her exact words.) Two different people stood up and tried but stumbled a few lines in. I stood in the aisle and belted out a respectful, yet soulful version of the world's worst example of nationalism in song.

I received a large bottle of fairly bad champagne. It tasted briney and sweet at the same time, especially not recommended for pairings with tiny pretzels or Biscoff cookies. I was the superstar of the plane though, the girl who sang the national anthem on flight 1283 to Denver.

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