Monday, January 18, 2010

Been a long time, Lone Reader!

Holy mackerel. There has been a fair amount of crazy in the past few months. Every member of my household got very sick, one after another. (We're well now.) A family member was diagnosed with pretty serious breast cancer around Thanksgiving. My blind, geriatric Pomeranian appears to be going deaf now, which is forcing me to consider when the big sleep might be. Another family member broke her leg. On the plus side, I now have health insurance and I'm getting married at the end of the summer. The nonprofit I work for hit all its financial goals in 2009, despite the economy. The kids had a good Christmas and we had a typical New Year's Eve - fun 'til somebody gets hurt.

I must admit that both twitter and facebook have taken my attention from you, Lone Reader, but you were always many little blog notes litter my desktop about funny topics and crazy stories. I'm back, my babies, and I've missed you.

Let's be our glorious selves again, shall we?

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