Monday, June 2, 2008


Hey y'alls! Well, it was a crazy busy weekend. I helped a friend move, taught a kids art class, lost BIG time at a trivia challenge and had some sweet down time, although maybe not quite enough of it. Now I'm swimming in a sea of envelopes again as I prepare a gallery mailing. Have I had any bacon lately? No. Have I had a tremendous quantity of caffeine? Abso-freakin'-lutely. Something's gotta get Velma through the day, man.

1. I didn't go to Grand Old Day, despite the fact that it's two blocks from my house. I really don't like it...too much garbage, too many crowds, etc. Do I sound like a curmugeon? Maybe I am. I'm currently preparing my music list for my hot n' sweaty dance party later this month. It's gonna be sweet, dude. 4ril.

2. Interestingly, I've had many looks at my Speed Racer review...many folks disagree with my assessment. That's okay with me. I stand by my original point of view, but I do think I might have felt differently if I had not seen it as a parent trying to make of sense of it for my kids.

3. So, school's out this week. Scary...lots of unstructured time ahead of me, yet still trying to work. yikes. pray for me, man.

4. Today I got the new Al Green record, Lay It Down - the man's still got it, people. Yummmm.

5. When I get this mailing out, I'll have a funny story for you, Lone Reader. Will it be about cannibals? Disney heads? My time traveling with the nomads of Oklahoma? Who can say...

Ciao, bella!

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