Monday, April 6, 2009

I give good blurb.

- I was pretty taken with this photo of Sam Spenser's beautiful installation outside the Wapping Project in London. Then I read it was sponsored by Veuve Clicquot (thus the color of the umbrellas) and it lost its fizz.

- Number 5 on Google Trends is “MN Unemployment”. Something tells me that the recovery is still pretty distant…

- In “Monsters vs. Aliens” there’s a young gal who’s been rejected by her love for the mere fact that she’s turned into a 50-foot woman. As the freakishly giant animated version of Reese Witherspoon sobbed about her broken heart, my daughter leaned over and said to me, “Mom that’s so sad. Size doesn’t matter.” If you say so, baby.

- I got all excited about this story talking about scientists at the U of M studying cures for consistent itching. Then I saw that it said “itching”…nevermind.

- There’s an interesting article in yesterday’s NYT about the next Pixar offering, “Up.” It appears that the merchandising gurus are unhappy with trying to sell products based on a movie featuring a crabby old man and little adventure scout. Is anyone really concerned that Disney won’t make ENOUGH money? Besides, I love John Lasseter. The marriage of Pixar and Disney seems to have produced bigger support for Pixar-style movies, as opposed to formulaic Disney films being all Nemo-ed. We all know, though, that eventually everything will be Pixney/Dixar…is this the beginning?

- I’m really overwhelmed with work right now, but I love where I work. My various ambitions in life have been: archeologist/singer (at 8 years old, I signed a pact with my best friend that we would have each other mummified upon death, even if it was illegal), ASL-proficient public defender (inspired by Lowell Meyers and the book “Dummy”), opera singer, journalist, graphic designer, art historian/professor. I think I really would’ve liked being a prof, but as a city gal I’d be pretty unhappy with the first few rungs of academia…teaching at Southern Methodist Polytechnic East Campus would be hard for me. Nothing against SMPEC, but I like the Twin Cities now. (If you had asked me yesterday, when it was snowing, the answer might have been diff’rent.)

I’m taking dinners to neighbors for the next two nights, Lone Reader, so I should prolly go. And work. Happy warm up, darlin’!

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