Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Shorts

Two short things:

1. I didn’t take driver’s Ed. I was taught to drive by my college boyfriend’s best friend in his 1967 Mustang. Later, when that very friend was now my boyfriend (oh, the drama, Lone Reader!) he taught me to drive stick shift on his old MG. If you can drive a cruddy old MG, you can drive about anything.

One of the high school driving teachers was known for telling students not to drive over a paper bag in the road. He told the girls to imagine that it was a bag full of kittens. He told the boys to picture a bag full of bricks. Why? Because girls don’t want to hurt kittens, and boys don’t want to jack up their cars.

2. Things I’m sick of:
Swine flu
Norm Coleman
Susan Boyle
American Idol
D’Amico & Sons

Happy Tuesday, Lone Reader! Luv ya!

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