Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anarchy and the AK

Photo from the Strib

Hmmm…what to say? Do I live in a police state? It kinda feels like it. Yesterday the helicopters were overhead all day, there were police cars on my block and every exit on 35E that I passed had a trooper poised at the ready. On the news I saw video of the sharp shooters on top of downtown buildings. For the record, I am not an anarchist…I just really like to wear black. Everyone I know who was involved in the protests was peaceful and respectful. And all of this fuss just for the first day of school? It seems like too much really.

Yes, the kids are off in school. It is quiet and a little sad, but also pretty heady to be able to schedule my work time according to something other than the whims of a child. What shall I do with all this free time, Lone Reader? Bonbons and Oprah? Jagermeister and Food network? Nay, I’ll opt for tremendous quantities of Tab, some arts administration and a li’l bloggin’.

Sarah Palin update:
I find it totally bizarre how much bandwidth is dedicated to the possibility that Sarah Palin’s fifth child is actually her grandchild. Who cares? The moral of the story is that, despite Palin’s insistence that abstinence education works, it doesn’t. And I feel tremendously sorry for Bristol, the pregnant daughter. She’s had a really hard year – 5 months out of school for mono, then pulled to be home schooled, 3 traffic violations, now this. Plus, no one on myspace will message her anymore for fear of the secret service showing up.

I don’t actually care much about Sarah Palin’s childrearing abilities. It’s very scary, however, how little planning/ vetting went in to this decision. From today’s NYTimes: Disclosures on Palin Raise Questions on Vetting Process.

Oh, Mr. McCain, you should hung tough with Tom Ridge. At least he woulda brought more than 3 electoral college votes to the table.

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