Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Blog, Old Reason

Photo credit: ChuckEye/Flickr

Well, well, well...

Here we are again. It seems that I am a magnet for lunatics. Sure, I knew that, but at some point isn't it going to change?

It is true that some gals have gaydar, some can find a rich dude in a crowd, but my special skill is that if you let me loose in a room full of men, the 8 craziest will make a beeline for me. And within 12 hours I'll be engaged because he NEEDS me.

So no more references to where I work, or where I live, even though I'm pretty damn sure I could take anyone in a fight. I underestimated the creep-out factor of receiving 12 e-mails a day from someone I don't know who wants my picture on his cell phone.

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