Saturday, February 23, 2008

This American Opening

How much do I hate MPR pledge week? A lot. What really bugs me is that the pledge drive continues even after you donate. There should be a magic switch that allows people who have already contributed to listen without the guilt trips from Lynn Rosetto Kasper and the like. That said, you know I love Ira Glass...even during pledge drive. I went to hear him speak at Macalester years ago. It was his first out-of-Chicago speaking engagement for This American Life. He said his staff were all teasing him that we, the audience, couldn't possibly be interested in what he had to say. Instead, perhaps Macalester had invited him to deliver some dish on the workings of NPR. Then he leaned up to mike and whispered, "I have some dirt...Sylvia Poggioli is a man. Even worse? A Canadian." Oh, how I loves me some Ira Glass.

Tonight is a big night - it's an opening at the gallery! You know what gallery it is - don't make me say it. It's going to be a great party, so stop on by! (And say hi to me, unless you're a stalker, in which case I'm the burly man in the corner with prison tatts.) (Note to self: find guy with prison tatts to wear my name tag tonight.)

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