Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar night

Well, a great time was had by all at my friend’s Oscar party. The food was amazing! Sadly, she did not have red carpet coverage, so I missed the funny by Gary Busey, but that’s what YouTube’s for (keep smilin’ keep shinin’…). I have to say, I totally tanked on the ballot…Steve won by a long shot.

Who were the beautiful people? Anne Hathaway, not a fave actress of mine, looked lovely. Katherine Heigl was beautiful as always. The Rock, really not a fave of mine, cleaned up nicely and Javier Bardem was yummy like puddin’.

Who looked nasty? Well, Nicole Kidman had bizarre, off-center necklaces that bothered the home audience. Tilda Swinton was wearing a very odd black bat ensemble. And Daniel Day Lewis looked, well, eccentric and not in a good way. The worst of the night, though, was poor Jennifer Hudson. Wha? Did she say to her stylist, “I’m looking for something that makes me look gigantic and droopy”? She’s lovely and could look so much better.

I thought Jon Stewart was great! (I read today that Oscar viewership was at an all-time low, so maybe not everyone agreed with me.)

Thank you, thank you Mr. Stewart for bringing Marketa Irglova from ‘Once’ back to give her speech. I loved the movie and that song is so wonderful. Oscar nominated songs are so often the over the top Alan Menken/Disney theme things. Once was intimate and beautiful and that song was a critical point in the film. Delish. ‘The Swell Season’ is the name of a group that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova perform in. They’re coming to the Orpheum Theater in May, which is way cool, and will be performing songs from ‘Once’ among other things. Tickets go on sale this weekend, but they start at $32 which is a wee bit spendy to see a band that doesn’t have Elvis Costello in it.

Who was happier than me when the Coens won? Only Frances McDormand. You know I love those Co-Bros. In the interest of full disclosure, I admit to being a bit inebriated by the end of the awards. I didn’t drive, so I perhaps was a little freer with the red wine than I should’ve been. Oh the shame…not really. I’m a grown up…I think.

This coming week will bring the bacon vodka / BLTini tasting, helping Drummer Guy ™ move and THE HIVES! (I am so excited!!) And I decided not to buy tickets to Kate Nash…I might go see Tapes n’ Tapes instead. Enjoy the warm up!! And happy last week o’ February!

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Ribeye said...

Here's the thing though - and this comment will only play to a MN audience - both Monday's StarTrib and PioneerPress had enormous photos of Diablo Cody and the Coen Bros. on the front page. I support these guys, and yet, THOSE are the faces that now represent MN to the world... Oh, and also Garrison Keilor. So, now, let the great quartet of gruesome mugs be cast on Buck Hill for all to see!