Tuesday, May 20, 2008

House 'n' More

I’ve been a little remiss, Lone Reader, in my posting. Is it because my fabulous life precludes me from sitting at the computer? Nah. I spent almost the entire weekend alone, working on house stuff. This, BTW, is NOT my house. (Stalkers & all that jazz.) It's from morguefile.

I. House
In case you didn’t know, I live in a 106-year-old house. It’s all cool, with maid’s stairs and an original boiler and no insulation and sketchy wiring, wait…oh yeah, it stinks. No, the truth is somewhere in the middle. I love the location, with great neighbors, near Grand Ave and the delightful yet spendy Kowalski's. I really like the large fenced yard. But you know what? If you have a yard, you’re supposed to mow it. WTF?!

So my pride of the moment is that I mowed the yard with what I consider to be a very scary lawnmower. I loved the old lawnmower, a battery powered beaut that was quiet and environmental. This house, however, has too much yard for the battery, so now I have a nasty, gas spewing thing that could take off a toddler’s leg. (Ed. note, via legal – keep toddlers away.) Anyway, I have a ridiculous amount of pride at the half-assed job I did mowing the yard. (Quote from daughter: “Mom, the lawn has a mohawk!” or is that a “mowhawk”)

On other house news, a plumber is coming tomorrow morn. Will I actually have all water sources working sufficiently? Only the plumbing fairy knows for sure.

House dreams for the future: Finish basement (Yay! “Kids, get all your junk downstairs!”) Finish attic. (Yay! “Kids work out your own bathroom schedule – mom’s got a master’s suite!” or would that be a mistress suite…I don’t like the sound of that.)
Paint LR. Move back door entry and finish kitchen remodel. So whaddya think? Can I get it all done for 10K? Thought not. Oh well, I can always paint. And buy a spa.

II. General pop culture

Movies: I saw “Baby Mama” and expected it to be stupid and a waste of time but with a few funny moments. It was far better than I anticipated. And a little stupid. But with many, many keeper lines…”B*tch, I don’t know your life!”

Reads: a biography of Elvis Costello and the Sherman Alexie book, The Absolutely True Diary…

Tunes: Downloading the latest Breeders in prep for the wicked sweet concert that my sis and I are going to at the end o’ the month.

Food: I only love you, bacon. I’ll never love another. (except maybe mangoes and watermelon. and palak paneer.)

Peace out, my splendid simpatico reader!

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