Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rachel's Yogurt is mixed

This morning was Yogurt Fest ’08…woo-hoo! In search of the absolute freakiest, girliest yogurt flavors known to man, this morning we sampled 4 flavors of Rachel’s Wickedly Delicious yogurt. The varieties? In order of my preference:

Pomegranate Açai: (vitality) tangy and smooth, with just the right amount of yogurt funk.

Mango Pineapple Passionfruit: (Exotic) pretty good, but a little too tart for me.

Pink Grapefruit Lychee: (refresh) not good, man. Tastes like Lemon Pledge…ewww.

Plum Honey Lavender: (calm) blecch…tastes like an old lady’s bathwater. (I’m guessing here.)

What are the things in parenthesis? The goofy descriptions from the packaging. All but the mango one are from the ‘Essence’ line: "blissfully blended mood-inspiring yogurt. The essence of scrumptious satisfaction." Some of the varieties even claim to have aroma-therapeutic qualities. Kooky.

It appears to be all-natural, but not organic and in the US is made by WhiteWave Foods, makers of Silk and Horizon products.

This healthful breakfast was followed up at lunch with a nachos supreme and a large diet from TBell.

It was a good day. I didn’t have to use my AK.

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