Monday, May 26, 2008

The Lion, the Witch and the Locksmith

I. I took the kids to see the latest Chronicles of Narnia movie yesterday. Hmmm…what to say? Mediocre, I think.

The negatives:
a) Ben Barnes, aka Prince Caspian, so clearly designed to be a pitty-pat draw for young girls. So sad that anyone over the age of 13 won’t be able to stomach his poor version of what others call “acting.”

b) Whoa, that’s a lot of battling, man. 4ril. For some, like my son, that’s a good thing. For me, not so much.

c) The bad guys just don’t seem really evil – more like a corrupt, morally bankrupt leader who feels omnipotent leading a group of blind followers…wait a minute! We’re talking about a movie, right?

d) Is it just me, or do all the bad guys look "swarthy", mediterranean or Jewish? Hmmm...pastiness is next to Godliness?

The positives:
a) Really spectacular cinematography and art direction. This film has “epic” written all over it.

b) Peter Dinklage, the mouse and the badger are phenomenal.

c) The Pevensie sibs almost make up for their lack of emotional range with their tremendous beauty. You know what I mean…that translucent skin, blank stare, Bridehead Revisted kind of thing. (see photo above)

Conclusion: Not a waste of cash, but not something I want to sit through again, either.

II. DAMN IT! I locked my keys in my car. I normally lock it with the remote, but I was in a hurry and pressed the inside lock button. As the door closed, I looked and saw the keys on the passenger seat. The car has but one set of keys – the other was lost years ago by my beloved then-spouse. When I had work done at the dealership, I asked about getting spares made. “$90,” was the response. (This is some kind of special computer- coded key.) Well, now I’ve given that much to a locksmith. Sigh. There’s bad lock mojo in the air this weekend – yesterday I helped a friend break into his apartment after a roommate accidentally locked him out.

I should buy a slim jim and a bolt cutter and set up shop...

Happy Memorial Day, Lone Reader! May locks swing open magically at your touch!

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