Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bring It On, Takeru!

Can you feel the excitement building? It's almost time for that Fourth of July tradition, the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition. I always cheer for Crazy Legs Conti, 'cause I love an underdog and a white guy with dreads, no less. My daughter likes Sonya "the Black Widow" Thomas because she's the only female in it. Will my son favor "Eater X" because of the obvious Speed Racer reference? Will he back Takeru Kobayashi, the most awe-inspiring competitive eater in history? In 2006 we saw Patrick Bertoletti win a qualifier at the Mall of America. (Yeah, I took kids to see it, so what? It was educational...about how not to eat.)

I'll be watching at noon on ESPN. Find details online, and read more about the contestants at the International Federation of Competitive Eating. No "reversals of fortune" for you, Lone Reader!

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