Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Review of Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

Well, it’s a super busy day, Lone Reader. My kids are in a Y tennis camp, which is so far not so great. Here’s hoping that today turns out better than yesterday.

Star Wars review:
The exhibition (currently at the Science Museum of MN) is good, with a just few missteps. Don’t bother waiting for the C-3PO droid movie. It’s in a little room that has benches and most of the action takes place low on the stage area, so kids can’t see. It was about a 20 minute wait to get in, and a good 10 minutes of “When is this over?” once inside. It was also crazy hard to hear what was being said.

The science part at times feels tacked on - like, "We know you're here because you're a Star Wars geek, but we still have to serve our mission, so we'll pretend this has something to do with George Lucas. Go along with it, already." Several of the hands-on things weren't working while we were there.

Like all blockbuster museum exhibitions, be forewarned: they can sense exactly how much money is in your wallet and will work very hard to extract it. With the price of tickets, parking and very small souvenirs for the kids, I was out over $60. (and I’m a member.)

The best part? If you ask the kids, it was seeing the costumes. They loved seeing the “real” Chewbacca, snowtrooper, etc. (“Mom, is that the REAL Yoda?”) For me, I thought it was seeing the props and models. The whole series of films is represented here, and the difference between the props when there was no money, i.e. the first film, is pretty astonishing. The models were so large and intricate in the pre-CG days. Sigh…those kids today don’t know what they’re missing. (curmudgeon – ed.)

Other stuff:
I started watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” over the weekend…holy mac, that’s some crazy funny, man. (I know, everyone already knows this, but those of us not in the tax bracket to afford premium cable must make do.)

My love of all clothing black is punishing me as the mercury has crossed 90° in St. Paul. Dark hair + dark clothes + 91° = stumbling and mumbling while brain cooks inside my head. (Without even the good part of my brain on drugs…what a rip.)

Off to swim now, Lone Reader. Be cool, my babies!

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