Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dark Knight and the Tuna Melt Basket

Last night I went to see The Dark Night, the new Batman movie. It was good and intense and I'm not a Batman sort of gal. Will Heath Ledger get a posthumous Oscar nomination? I don't think he was that good.

The real news is that I went to see it at the Vali-Hi Drive In. Dang O' Dell - that was some fun. It was so much old-timey classic summer fun. We got there about a half hour before dusk, which is pretty crucial, since the place gets really crowded. All around us, people were setting up with chairs, coolers and blankets. The night was cool and kids were sprawled out everywhere - in the beds of pick ups, on tops of minivans and in the back seats. It was really swell. At the concessions stand they have a black and white photo booth, which was super groovy as well. Back in the day, Lawrence, Kansas had a Woolworth's in downtown and, for me, the prime attraction there was the photo booth. I have sooo many photo strips of me and my friends, boyfriend and just me. There are pics of me holding up the check I won from the local radio station, me in my oh-so-groovy giant shades, me in a bathing suit - wha? That'll NEVER happen again! And why was I downtown in a bathing suit?!

When that Woolworth's closed, I bought the sign that said "Visit Woolworth's Luncheonette" for just 10 bucks. It was super cool, until it fell off the wall, hit me on the head and broke. (You know I have a giant head, Lone Reader.) It can be repaired, I'm sure.

Today I'm off to take the kids to the Mill City Museum. My young 'uns really love it -- I'm not sure why. It is good, but let's face it, it's not as good as an art museum. We'll have fun; you should, too!

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