Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sonic in St. Paul!

Yes, the first Sonic in Minnesota is in my hometown, St. Paul. It opened about 3 weeks ago. I have to say, I loves me some Sonic. Why? One reason, pal: I love soda. Sonic has a mind-blowing array of shoices of sugar-free bevs, from limeade to Diet Sprite, Dr. Pepper and Coke. You can get fresh limes, cherries and or lemons in any drink and a whole host of flavors added. Oh my stars, as Samantha Stevens would say. It's too fab.

Combine the choices with the ice, and it's all good, baby. That's right...I said the ice. Pellet ice. Me likey.

Hey!! This is my 100th post. Gee, I wish it was about something more substantial than my obsession with sodey-cokes. Hmmm...shall we discuss the intersection of Hegelian dialectic and conspiracy theories in globalization studies? Nah...I'm gonna get me some Diet Coke with lemons and cherries.

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