Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday to Beck! and me!

It’s my birthday. With whom do I share this day? Creator of Coca Cola Dr. Pemberton, Angelica Huston, Kevin Bacon, Beck (!), Jeffrey Tambor and Raffi. A pretty good crowd, I guess. I have to really question astrology, though. Can there be just twelve cookie cutters for the whole world? It seems highly unlikely.

So how will I celebrate? Well, I’m gonna work (because I’m a grown-up) then what…have dinner with my kids, then go to O’Gara’s to hear some live music. Not too shabby, especially when compared with some of the birthdays of my youth. (Hopping on your bike, pedaling to the grocery store to buy a cake with your own money then eating it with two plastic forks with your best gal pal.) (Love to Robin...)

The kids woke me up at 6, saying, “Happy Birthday! Now you stay in bed while we make you breakfast!” Okay, you convinced me. Will you bring me lunch and dinner in bed too? ‘Cuz I am tired, man. Birthday week is a little draining, Lone Reader. And sweet, too. (mom guilt kicking in -ed.)

So thanks, friends, for your love and support during the past year. The world has cracked open for me and things are more beautiful, challenging, funny and sweet than ever. This year is gonna be big, man. Lotsa good ahead. And it’s gonna be a good day. (I don’t think I’ll have to use my AK.)

Celebrate something today, groovy ghoulies!

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drumsandcoffee said...

I can't believe you glossed over the whole Kevin Bacon thing! Hope your birthday is bacontastic!